Andrew Patterson (b. September 5 1975) played Parker in Oregon Trail 5th Edition.

Trivia Edit

Has one sister, Darlene Patterson (b. 1978)

Has 4 nieces (Brooke-Leigh, Yolanda, Heather and Katie)

Has 5 Children (Dorothy, Kathleen, Emma, Gabriel and Olivia) as of 2010.

Son of Martha French and Fredrick Patterson

Known for Edit

Oregon Trail 5 (as Parker Montgomery)

in the Broadway Musical "Goldilocks and the Three Bears!" he played Papa (Goldilocks' Father)

in the Sound of Music he played "Captain Von Trapp!"

in Annie he played "Bert Healy!"

When he was 6, Andrew Patterson played Hansel in the Original Broadway Cast of Hansel and Gretel

in the Wizard of Oz he played Uncle Henry

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